Slovenia is a beautiful country full of unspoilt forests, clear green streams and charming towns and villages set in a backdrop of towering mountains. Over half of the country is covered in forests and mountains. So the country of Slovenia is known to be an outdoor paradise!!

About Slovenia
Pepublic of Slovenia
Area/It is about as large as Shikoku of Japan.
Border/It is bordered by Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia
Population/about 2 million. It is about as many as the population of Nagano prefecture in Japan
Capital city/Ljubljana
Language/Slovenian language

What is Slovenia famous for?
1.Slovenian wine is absolutely delicious and it is known around the world for its delicious flavor.

2.I hear that there are excellent cuisine and there's a wide selection.

3.They say that there are more than 50 ski areas in Slovenia.

4.People say that there are all kinds of outdoor activities there like climbing, trapping...

5.I hear that there are lots of terrific beautiful women!

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