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Aomori Nebuta
Tachi Neputa

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Tachi-Neputa Festival at Gosyogawara City

Tachi-Neputa Festival is not as big as Aomori Nebuta Festibal. But it's quite different from Aomori Nebuta and it has unique attractions.
During the festival, we can see three large Tachi-Neputa dolls(about 22 meters high) and a few middle-sized Tachi-Neputa dolls(about 15 meters high).

Three big Tachi-Neputa dolls were coming out from 'Tachi-Neputa Museum' on the festival day. 'tachi' means 'standing' and Tachi-Neputa dolls are taking the standing position..

left:There were also many giant taiko drums with taiko drummers.
right:A middle-sized Tachi-Neputa.

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