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New Zealand/2004

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Lavender Farm
Waitangi Day


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Waitangi Day

During my stay, I had a Waitangi Day, which is a national day celebrated each year on February 6. Waitangi Day marks the coming together in friendship of the Maori people and the white European settlers.

Dawn and I drove to Maori & Colonial Museum, which was inconveniently located an hour ride from Akaroa. There was a museum about Maori and I could see how Maori people lived in past years. And there were some attraction, school girl's song, Maori's traditional dance, traditional canoe show and hangi cooking demonstration. After those attractions I enjoyed traditional dishes!

A Maori house.

left, center:This is a Maori traditional dance. The people in front of them are New Zealand Navy. Re-enactment of the signing of the treaty between Maori and English...?
right:New Zealand Navy, they were all good-looking and I had to take a picture!

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