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New Zealand/2004

Home stay
Lavender Farm
Waitangi Day


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Dawn's cat
Dawn's cat, which was quite big!

Ordinary day's work
After I took my lessons we went out to shop at a general store. We climbed over a fence which bordered the house and we walked in the golf course for 5 minutes. It was the only store we could go to on foot and it was a general store, convenience store and light snack restaurant combined. A shopman with a red face told me something but I was hardly able to hear him at all. I was not sure if he was speaking English. It was a terrific speed! There were mailboxes at the entrance of the store and Dawn checked her box. Didn't phostmans deliver letters form door to door? Was that because it was rural area?
left: We walked around the golf course to buy a newspaper every day. It was our morning routine.
right:The sea was in front of the store.

I was learning English...
Dawn was my English teacher and gave me 3 hours of lessons a day. First, I took a test for her to see what level of English I have...I took a test for the first time in ten years! I hadn't done that since I took an employment exam.

It was always a fine day
??? I don't know what she was doing.

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