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New Zealand/2004

Home stay
Lavender Farm
Waitangi Day


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The golf course in Akaroa
We played golf.

I didn't know where to hit my ball, not like Dawn. I got exhausted because I ran around searching for my golf ball.

Driving through gorgeous scenery
Everywhere I went, scenery like this stretched out continously. The landscape from the window really looked like the view I had watched in the movie. It was easy to imagine that the characters in the movie were running through the hills. The landscapes were unfamiliar and eye-catching for me. I looked at the landscape with my eyes slightly open and overlapped the view in front of me and the scene from the movie. I didn't visit the location site but I really enjoyed movie-like atmosphere.
left, right:Akaroa is on the other side of the shore. There were some houses on the hill side!

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