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New Zealand/2004

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Lavender Farm
Waitangi Day


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A golf competition
I saw a golf competition, which Dawn entered and I walked with her group like a caddy. The golf course was next to some houses and a cattle run. Players could see down the blue sea when they played golf. And lots of sheep in the cattle run were watching us playing golf and it looked funny. I don't know if there were any difference between Japanese and New Zealand golf courses. Because I had never entered in a golf course in Japan. But I decided that I could never find such a wonderful golf course...
left:The view of the sea from the golf course.

Everyone in the competition had a good tan from golf and was smiling with a red face. It looked like they were living their life well. It sure would be nice!

A paddock next to the golf course. Lots of sheep were martching through the paddock

A hedgehog in the golf course, which I guess was sleeping.

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