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2005/8-M&A day trip
Sukayu Spa

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2005/8 Day trips with Marnie and Andrew

Marnie and Andrew came to Aomori from Sendai City. They are cheerful kiwi!
It seemed that they expected cool weather in Aomori, but it was extremrly hot and humid during their stay. "On a hot summer in Japan, after going to a hot springs, a cold beer tastes great!" Have a nice summer, Marnie and Andrew!!

'Sanfuri-yokocho' food mall in Aomori City
We ate out at a lamb barbecue restaurant at night. The restaurant was fulled of cheerful activity and all staff were very friendly. I really enjoyed dinner.

Andrew and Marnie
We drank 'Makgoli, it is Korean alcoholic beverage. Andrew, you are "What a character!!"

The entrance to Sanfuri-yokocho.

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