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hurried departure

I was waiting for my friend, WD. He was supposed to pick me up at 10 a.m., but he never showed up. At 10:30, he arrived at my house behind schedule. He is always late so and I am never suprised at that. He said, "I can explain this and I saw 4 ambulance cars this morning and so I got stuck in a traffic jam ..." What an excuse! Soon after that, we went to Sendai airport. But we drove around Minamisendai Station and we came to a dead end! Because none of us paid any attention to the direction to get to the airport. WD was accused by the two of us!! And then we changed the mood and headed for the airport.

It took about 1 hour to check in and go through departure control and security. Because the internation terminal was very crowded with passenger and people seeing someone off. In addition, WD got stopped at security again and again. He had to take off his shoes and his belt and it took a lot of time. WD was accused by the two of us!!! We killed time and waited for the boarding announcement at the Gate. After a while, we heard the boarding announcement but WD was not there! Apparently, he had gone to a bathroom! The other passengers were boarding and the two of us were left. Fright attendants said, "Please board the airplane." "One of my friends isn't back from the bathroom yet." "Could you go and get your friend?" "It is men's toilets." "...We suggest that you waite here."
We waited for him under their eyes. He came back just in time. WD was accused by the two of us again!!!!

left:meal service on Asiana Airlines.
center:"In-flight meal! It is the first time I have caught it." NT was so excited. I was sucking a tube of Korean spice paste.
right:"No charge for beer!" "And a glass of water is at no charge!" WD looked very pleased with in-fright service, especially beer.

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