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Day 3

The final day of our stay, we left the hotel at 6:40 a.m. WD talked to the tour conductor about his problem and asked her to get back to him after looking into the matter. We stoped at a souvenir shop on the way to the airport and then arrived at the airport. There were big crowds of people, probably because of the Lunar New Year rush. We queued a lot of different lines and at last we could go through the Gate. NT was excited that she first picked up some duty-free goods which she had bought earlier in the trip.

As soon as WD sat down in his seat on the plane, he began sleeping like the dead. But when the in-flight meal service started and he woke up quickly! He is always so punctual, but only about the time of meals.

WD's in-flight tray.

"There are still lots of duty-free goods I want!!"
NT began reading the in-flight magazine and her eyes fixed on duty-free goods! It looked like she became aware of the excitement of overseas travel, particularly duty-free shopping!

We came back to Sendai with lots of shopping bags, but without WD's one bag.

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