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Day 1

After 3 hours, we safely arrived at Inchon International Airport.
We went to Seoul city in a car which had been arranged to pick us up.The road to the city had a traffic jam and we were caught in the very worst time of day. So it took 2 hours to get to our hotel!

We arrived at our hotel around 7 p.m.
There were one big double bad, one single bed and one extra military hospital style bed in our room. As soon as we entered the room, I jumped on the double bed and kept it! And NT also got the single bed quickly! WD sat down on the extra bed close to tears. It was the law of the jungle!!
We felt like taking a rest but we didn't have enough time to relax... Soon after that, we got on a subway and went to Myondon, the busiest town in Seoul. The hotel was a 10-minute walk from the nearest station and we walked cheerfully in the cold weather to the station. We caught the train and got there in 20 minutes. We went to optometrist shop and each of us ordered some glasses.
left:The area around the hotel.
center:I got a double bed.
right:NT and a single bed.

left:It was so spacious that both of us could use this bed.
center:"I don't have any choice but to sleep on this bed...."
right:"I wonder if someone is willing to switch with me?"

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