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day 2

Next morning, we went to the same building for breakdast. We happened to see the shooting of a TV drama starring a famouse young actoress in a subway station.

We chose a restaurant at random and ointed to some nenus with pictures. Narita inadvertently ordered the same dish as last midnight!
left:"We can't wait for our dishes!"
center:They were already excited, although it was early morning!

left:A stir fry of calamari and some vegetable. It was very hot and spicy.
center:"It looks good. But it was too hot for Japanese to eat!"
right:"This is the same dish as last night!"

left:A meal combination, but I didn't know what this was.
center:Kimchi, Kimchi, Kimchi!!
right:Is that Yon-sama? He is not exactly, but it's close. (Yon-sama is probably the best-konwn Korean actor in Japan. Especially, he is popular with middle-aged Japanese women.)

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