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Taiwan Trip-2003
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"Let's go abroad together, it doesn't matter where." SS said. She was supposed to go scuba diving, but the plan was canceled. Because her friend who was going to go with her got married and became really busy. It seemed that she felt deeply frustrated. So I planed to visit Taiwan with her and A-ko, who had never been abroad before. The purpose of the trip was to eat something delicious straight away!
But we had a big broblem! I was living in Sendai, which is in the northeastern region of Japan. SS and A-ko were living in Osaka. Osaka is in western Japan, so we had to decide which airport we should use. Eventually we decided to arrive and depart from Kansai International Airport in Osaka because the majority rules...
Before we left Japan, SS said that she made friends with a man when she joined a scuba diving tour and the man said "I can introduce you to a Taiwanese. Leave it to me." She said to me, "what do you think about his offer?" We wondered if we should accept the offer because we didn't really know him!

One day Novemver, we got together at Kansai International Airport. We checked in our bags and two of us, SS and I, were very surprised when we saw A-ko. She had only a small bum-bag and she was walking around with her passport in her hand! We hurried after her and explained to her how important the pasport is. But her bag was too small to put it in and so we gave her a small paper bag. I had never seen such a person, who put a passport in a paper bag! We went through departure control and waited the boarding announcement. We gave a shoulder massage to each other. It was funny that some people from othere countried were looking curiously at us. Do you know stiff neck? Most Japanese like a shoulder massage!

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