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Taiwan Trip-2003
day 1
day 2
day 3

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Day 1

We arrived at Taipei International Airport. We went to a hotel by a car which had been arranged to pick us up. We unpacked our bags and SS called a taiwanese, Mr.Ryu, who had been introduced to us by Mr S.
After she called him, she said "He spoke in clearly and crisply. It seems that he is a young man. I wonder if Mr.Ryu was asked for taking care of us by pressure. I feel sorry for him because it is Saturday which is a holiday!"
We waited for him while chatting about him in the hotel lobby and then Mr.Ryu arrived. He was not young but he looked like a youthful energetic elderly person. "I'm sure that you are hungry. Let's go to a Chinese restaurant, which I recommend for goog food!" He said and took us to his car. Wow! It's a Mercedes! We were excited about the car because none of us had driven in a Mercedes! Our first experiences of riding in a Mercedes were in Taiwan!!

On our way to the restaurant we went to The Grand Hotel and saw the lobby. It is one of the most famous hotels and it is very expensive. It looked a lot more luxurious than our hotel. "The hotel is just for sleeping anyway." we said. And we took some pictures there.

We entered the Chinese restaurant. When we sat down at a round-table, suddenly Mr.S showed up! "I came here to surprise you!!"
"What?" SS said and she stared with amazment at him and it looked like she couldn't understand what was happening. He said "I happen to have some jobs in Taiwan, so I'm here. It is perfect timing! " He said it just happened, but we wondered if he came here to surprise us!

The middle-ageed Taiwanese, Japanese and us were all excited and enjoyed delicious dishes. "when eating Chinese dishes, it is most important to eat with a lot of people." I thought....

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