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Taiwan trip-2003
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Day 3

We went to Taipei International Airport with a tour conductor.
Because I had some New Taiwan Dollar left over I bought a few guidebooks about Japan which were written in Chinese. Japanese know some Chinese characters and so I can understand the general outlines of the book. ...At that moment I really felt glad that I was Japanese! It is very interesting to read some books which were written in Chinese. After a 3-hour flight we arrived at Kansai International Airport. But I had to come back to sendai the day after and had to carry my heavy bags. It is a bother to be living in local city!

They are living near Kansai Airport. I'm jealous!

Chinese tea.I need to learn the way of making good tea. My favorite tea is on the extreme right.It has milky flavor.
right:The guidebooks about Japan

left:Chinese character
center:'Shonen Jump' ,Chinese translation from a Japanese comic book. I saw lots of Japanese comic books while I was traveling in Taiwan.
right: 'Gundam A' A lot of comics like these are translated, and becoming popular overseas.

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