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Taiwan trip-2003
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We went to a Taiwanese restaurant which Mr.Ryu and Mr.S recommended for good food. There were a great variety of dishes and everything which we ordered was excellent. They were not too oily and rich in vegetables. The seasoning is a little different from Japan. But the basic seasoning is Taiwanese soy sauce and it is used to season various dishes. so I think that most of the dishes in Taiwan suit Japanese taste. When I visited Hong Kong before, I got tired of having Chinese dishes and went to a Korean restaurant. But I wondered if I could eat Taiwanese dishes every day.

We asked Mr.Ryu a simple question.
"Japanese use Hiragana and Kanji. So we can write something in Hiragana, instead of Kanji when we foget the Kanji. You use only Kanji and when you forget some Kanji, what do you do?" He said "we never forget Kanji because we use it every day!!" And so SS asked him, "Can you write a word 'ken' in Old style Kanji, 'ken' as in 'Sekken' ?" "Of course! I can write it ....Oh?" Mr.Ryu couldn't do it!! He smiled and said "I never use this Kanji in my daily life. No problem."

We said good-by to Mr.Ryu and went to a night market, which is a famous shopping sopt. The market was packed with young local people. We walked along the crowded sidewalks and went window-shopping. Mr.S was worried about our safety and so he joined us. He was shopping for bargains but I wondered if he was asking for a discount in Kansai dialect!! Did you get through to each other??
We three quickly waved as good-by to Mr.S at the nearest station to the market. We got off at the closet station to our hotel and started walking towards the hotel. But we had never walked to the hotel from the station because we had gotten around the town by the Mercedes during our stay. So we lost our way! We walked towards the direction of the hotel but I couldn't find it. It was not too late but most of the shops begain closing down and we had some concerns. We walked on in silence for a while...I felt it was good to have the three of us!! After about a 20-minute walk we finally arrived at the hotel.

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