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Taiwan Trip-2003
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Next morning, we went to a restaurant which Mr.Ryu recommended. It was busy with locals who were eating breakfast. There were some children wearing a pair of pajamas! The restaurant was interesting.
left:There were lots of different snacks. The restaurant was the most common types of restaurants that I saw in Taiwan.
right:a huge bowl of soybean milk!

We saw the changing of the guard. The changing of the guard happens once an hour. The guardmen had to stand for an hour and they were not allowed to move at all on duty. I wondered what they would do if they suddenly got a stomachache. Do they have an SOS signal? And we were surprised that there were some security staff who were policing the guardmen. They were often adjusting the appearance of the guardmen and fixing crease in their uniforms!!
left, center, right:The men wearing black pants were security staff.

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