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Home stay

My hostfamily lived on the outskirts of downtown. I usually went to school by a 10-minute walk and a 20-minute public bus ride. It was about a 40-minute walk to school but I used the bus service, because the return road was an uphill slope!

left:Peter, Fiona, Molly and a young girl, who is a relation. Fiona always looked like she was full of energy. She speakes very fast!! When I couldn't catch her and asked her to say tha same thing again, she cheerfully repeated that at the same speed(ToT).

left:Fiona and Marian. Marian, who is from Spain and was staying with the same hostfamily. She cooked a Spanish omelet for us while saying that she had never cooked it before....
center:I cooked Japanese rolled egg, Japanese grilled pork with ginger and rabit-shaped apple. Grilled pork was very delicious(...my opinion!) and I thought it was probably because it had plenty of fat.
right:The bule thing in front of us is a salad bowl...

People & a dog....
left:Molly, who grew up a lot during 5 week stay.
center:I talked to her while she was relaxd, and she sometimes said "Ses", which was a mix of "Yes" in English and "Si" in Spanish. She was a funny woman!
right:He was always sleeping with a funny look at night and he didn't wake up when I came to him. He was not carefull.

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