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Aran Islands

The Aran Islands consists of three islands, Inismor, Inismeain and Inisoirr. It's located at the mouth of Galway Bay. The names are Irish language for 'the big island', 'the middle island', 'the south island' respectively.

When I got up in the morning, it was bright and clear. For the record, I thought that it might be the first fine day that I had in Ireland. I had a plan to take a day trip tour to Aran Islands. I thought that I'd chosen a lucky day! I went up to the city to get a 9:30 bus. But I felt like my stomach might become upset... So I took Seirogan-medicine(Japanese famous medicine) in the meantime. I met Marian, who was staying with the same family, and her friends at a bus stop. I felt encouraged by her!
The bus bound for Rossaveal, which had a ferry connection service to Aran Islands, was a duble-decker and there were lots of passengers on it. The bus ran at a terrific speed which would be unthinkable in Japan. After 1 hour, we arrived at Rossaveal Harbour and we boarded a ferry. The ferry was a high-speed craft. The 1st floor had a passenger cabin and TV, the 2nd floor was open air with passenger seats. I thought that I wanted to enjoy the view on the 2nd floor at first but I took refuge in the 1st floor after a short time because it was extremly cold. But Marian and her friends were enjoying chatting on the 2nd floor. They seemed to be in good spirits. "I wonder if they are freezing in the cold wind?" It was beyond my understanding! The rest room was clean. If something happened to my stomach before our arrival, it would be no problem! It made me feel relieved.... I heard that it was a 40-minute ferry ride from Rossaveal to Inismor Island.

A little before our araival, I went upstairs to take some pictures. When I took some pictures of the view, a stranger said to me, "Are you Japanese?" I said "Yes" and suddenly I heard the "Achi muite ..." call. I automatically said "Hoi!" and I pointed at the sky before I knew what was happening. I had to play 'Achi muite hoi' without thinking about it. It was the meeting with a mysterious team of four funny people. They were Japanese Sakae, French David, German Kerstin and Italian Gianni. From what I heard, they were students at a language school in Galway and they had come here for sightseeing. Sakae told Itarian Gianni on the previous evening that 'Achi muite hoi' was a famous game which all Japanese know. So he had wanted to give it a try and he was looking for a Japanese on the ferry. I aoutmatically played 'Achi muite hoi' in Ireland... .But I think that most Japanese, except people living in Osaka, wouldn't respond to this. Because they are shy, which is different from people from Osaka! "Did Sakae happen to look for people from Osaka, not Japanese?"

How to play 'Achimuite hoi (Look this way)'
The players make pairs and do "rock, scissors, paper."
The winner gives an order to his/her partner. For example, the winner says "Look this way!" and points to the left (or right or up or down)
If the partner looks to the left, the partner loses. If the partner looks in a different direction, the partner wins.

The ferry arrived at Inismor Island after 40 minutes and we parted ways. Inismor Island is the largest of three islands, which was situated on the west coast of Galway. The population is only about 900! And there are three choices of transport for sightseeing, bicycle, minibus, or porny & trap. I decided to use a bike and I entered a bick rental shop and I met Marian's party. So I got in her party.

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