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Galway is the third biggest city in Ireland. But downtown of Galway is not too big and I can look around it on foot. They say there are lots of schools and a quarter of the population is students. And so it seems that there are lots of young people downtown. By the way, Galway is a port town and the birds which we saw were all sea gull.

Lots of pub are along the streets and it is hard to choose between them. There are plenty of shops and restaurants in the city.
left, center, right: Stone-built house and stone pavement. Houses made of stone are unusual in Japan so it is interesting.

Corrib river
left:This is Corrib river. It seemed that the river flowed rapidly.
right:I saw some people who were canoeing up the river.

Christmas season
The whole city has that Christmasy feel to it.

I was amazed to see lots of Irish pedestrian crossing lanes without a traffic light. They didn't use a traffic light. It looked really dangerous! I used a pedestrian crossing with a traffic light because I couldn't watch the timing to cross the street by myself. when I had to cross the street without a traffic light, I crossed with a local. I had bought traveler's insurance before I came here, which was great!! "Buying traveler's insurance is very important, especially in Ireland."
left:There was lots of traffic, especially in the morning.
right:Irish people who were thinking of the timing to cross the street.

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