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All of the pubs were overflowing with people after about 9 p.m. every night. It seemed that everybody couldn't even move. It was a lot of trouble to enter and more difficult to order. I always had to push my way among the crowd to reach the counter. But people were drinking and chatting cheerfully while standing between tables. They were really excited and looked happy! Even if you think that it was packed to capacity, you don't have to hesitate to enter. Let's crowd into the pub!
Incidentally, smoking in pubs has been against the law since 2003. Lots of people smoked in front of the pub entrance and then entered the pub to drink. Then they repeated it over again. People say that the pubs were full of smoke from cigarettes before the law. I agree with the law, but I just felt sorry for people smoking outside, especially in winter!

etcetera / a bit of a surprise

I entered a department store in downtown. It was an unfamiliar sight like I had never seen in my life. There were many kind of goods. bags, shoes and coats all over the floor. And the store clerks stepped over them lightly! However, it was always cleaned up in the morning...

etcetera / open-eyed astonishment

I watched the movies "The Incredibles" and "The polar Express". The both were full CG animations which weren't showing in Japan yet. There were lots of family with children as I expected. Sadly, even though elementary-age children sitting around me were laughing, sometimes I couldn't catch the dialogue. By the way, I was really surprised at the sight of a young couple throw a baby high in the air! And that it was in the middle of the theater! But nobody seemed to pay any attention to them.

etcetera / purchase

I purchased lots of things...a pair of glove, a book, a knit scarf , a underwear,etc.

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