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I couldn't understand why...?

During the first week I spent in Ireland, my goal was 'to visit a new pub a day'. I went around Galway to look for a pub everyday and had lunch with Guinness. But I couldn't get drunk because I was nervous... During the second and third weeks, my next goal became 'to visit two new pubs a day'. As I gradually got used to life in Galway, I began to enjoy staying in a pub alone. But it was hard to get used to the sound of Irish English. In the 4th week, I changed my goal again, this time it was 'to visit three new pubs a day'. I drank Guinness with my lunch, I drank Guinness at 3 p.m. and I drank Guinness while I was waiting for bus. I'd been getting drunk after lunch! During the last week, I set my best record(?) 'to visit 6 pubs a day'. It was tough job. I couldn't understand why I wanted to do it!

I drank Guinness on 32 days out of the 35 days I was there. The days I didn't drink Guinness were because I felt that something was wrong with my stomach and I boarded a flight to and from Japan. During the 5 weeks I was in Ireland I visited 25 or more pubs. But the number of times I drank at a pub were more than that. Because I went to the same pub over and over again. I did my best!

You know how much I love beer!

I really enjoyed drinking beer, espesially Guinness. In Japan, Guinness is very expensive and Guinness is about 1000 yen(about 7 Euro) for one pint. In Ireland, it costs about 3.5 or 4.5 Euro. The difference between the two countrys is about 3 Euro. I drank at least one pint of Guinness every day during my stay of 33 days. So 33 days × 3 Euro = 99 Euro. The cost was cheaper than if I had drunk Guinness in Japan. I feel that I benefited in a big way!

They were strange men, who looked like locals. A man said, "Would you like to sit down on my knee?" I accepted his offer and sat down!!

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