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Taiwan Trip_2007
- Japan to Taiwan
- Hotel & Dinner

- Sightseeing
- Dinner
- Night Market
- Advertising displays

- Taipei 101
- Tamshui
- Night Market
- Dinner
- Foot massage

- Taiwan to Japan

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There were lots of unique local night markets in the city. We headed for one of the local night market because we visited Shilin Night Market, the largest night market we saw the day before. The night market is away from the station so we were memorizing the way to get there.

That market was an old and historical night market. It was quite smaller than the Shilin Night Market. However, it was a good size to walk around the market, there were less people than the Shilin Night Market, most shops were along the main street so it was easy to go window-shopping.

Many stores held year-end sales and there was a wide range of goods, clothes, shoes, and of course, many kinds of down-jacket were sold there! They really looked stuffy!!

Sweets that we had never seen before
It tasted similar to a waffle but it wasn't sweeter than a waffle.

Bird, pig, bike...different-shaped sponge cakes
It cost NT$40(4 pieces) and it was amazingly cheap.

Gun-shaped sponge cake. It tasted like pancakes and it was a low-sweet snack.

Grilled shrimp
I thought that shrimp was the wrong food to eat while walking.... it seemed to tiring for peeling.

There were many kinds of heaters on sale! They really looked stuffy.... I didn't think that anybody would want to buy such products.

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