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Taiwan Trip_2007
- Japan to Taiwan
- Hotel & Dinner

- Sightseeing
- Dinner
- Night Market
- Advertising displays

- Taipei 101
- Tamshui
- Night Market
- Dinner
- Foot massage

- Taiwan to Japan

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Taiwanese restaurant
After taking a walk in the market, we went to a Taiwanese restaurant for dinner. The interior of the restaurant was old style and we could enjoyed dinner in a relaxing mood.

At that restaurant, beer was served the old Taiwanese way, which was to drink the beer from a bowl.

WD was busy cleaning up the dishes on the table. So he didn't notice we took picture of him!

Everything was delicious! especially, I liked the hot noodles.

A young guy was working there and he spork Japanese very well. I heard that he was learning Japanese at university. Although I learned English during my school days, why I don't make progress in speaking English! I don't have no sense for English...?

Here the most popular dish in the restaurant was boiled pork. It was very tender like a jelly!

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