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Taiwan Trip_2007
- Japan to Taiwan
- Hotel & Dinner

- Sightseeing
- Dinner
- Night Market
- Advertising displays

- Taipei 101
- Tamshui
- Night Market
- Dinner
- Foot massage

- Taiwan to Japan

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Shilin Night Market
Is the largest and the most famous night market in the city. It is located near the MRT station and it is very convenient. For tourists and locals, it is a popular attraction and the main streets were always crowded with people. In addition, the streets were really complicated and seemed just like a maze. It was quite hard to go where you wanted to at the market and I thought that window-shopping was even harder.

She was looking for nice accessories for souvenirs. At the market, lots of goods were reasonably priced. If you were strong enough to push through the crowd, it must be a good place to shop!

You can select suitable materials and order for a personal seal. Some materials were very expensive but there were also lots of reasonable materials. You can get your own seal within about 20 minutes so I think that it is an easygoing souvenir for tourists.

You can buy anything cheap at the market, clothes, snacks, accesories, fake brand-name products, and so on.

Shilin Food Market Building
Is a few hundred meters away next to the MRT station. There were hundreds of food stands inside.

Tourists could enjoy many kinds of food, smelly tofu, which was a popular snack in Taiwan and it had a strong odor for foreigners, and other specialties of Taiwan. So the inside of the building was filled with excitement with the stoves and the smells of food. If you don't like any Asian seasoning, it might be hard for you to stay inside.

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