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Taiwan Trip_2007
- Japan to Taiwan
- Hotel & Dinner

- Sightseeing
- Dinner
- Night Market
- Advertising displays

- Taipei 101
- Tamshui
- Night Market
- Dinner
- Foot massage

- Taiwan to Japan

Taiwan / top


We arrived at Sendai Airport, our flight was a direct flight from Sendai, and we got our tickets at the H.I.S tour counter.
But we already faced a big broblem here. The name of NT on her ticket was different from the name on her passport! Because she had got married about five months ago and changed her family name on the passport. It had slipped her mind and it was just her mistake. She almost missed the airplane!

She was apologizing for her mistake and wishing that the necessary process for boarding would be easier....
Everybody managed to leave Japan. It was very close to leaving her behind in Japan!

Eva Airways
We flew with Eva Airways from Sendai to Taipei, which is the capital of Taiwan and it is located in the Taipei Basin in northern Taiwan. Eva Airways has tied up with Sanrio.Co.,Ltd, which is a Japanese company and has a license for Hello Kitty. It started Hello Kitty Jet services between Japan and Taiwan in 2005.

The interiors of the plane, bording cards, in-flight meals and onboard services adopt the Hello Kitty theme!

The inflight dessert has also adopted Hello kitty!

We were drinking beer and wine until we got to Taiwan.

WD rarely took an airplane so he probably wasn't used to the views from the window. He was just like a little child....

Flight information board
There were lots of services between Japan and Taiwan, and not only from the big cities like Tokyo.

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