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Taiwan Trip_2007
- Japan to Taiwan
- Hotel & Dinner

- Sightseeing
- Dinner
- Night Market
- Advertising displays

- Taipei 101
- Tamshui
- Night Market
- Dinner
- Foot massage

- Taiwan to Japan

Taiwan / top


We headed for our hotel on the bus, which had been arranged by H.I.S. Our tour guide said that his company had arranged a tour for more than 150 Japanese on that day, and more than 300 Japanese on the day before!

Our hotel was located in Taipei City. It wasn't a luxury hotel, but all we needed was a bed and hotwater, so no problem. All we want to do at the hotel is just to take a shower and sleep!

As soon as we dropped off our luggage into the hotel room, we went to a night market near our hotel at midnight.

Chinese restaurant
I heard that this restaurant is a renowned restaurant for its seafood and goosey dishes. Although it was about midnight, the restaurants nion signs were glowing and it was crowded with locals.
Lots of fresh ingredients were displayed on ice at the entrance. You can select the ingredients you want to eat and select your choice of cooking method.
Sea horses! None of us had never eaten it before and we had no idea how it's cooked or eaten. In addition, we thought that it must have been an expensive ingredient in Chinese food and also it looked very creepy! We didn't have the guts to order it....

Beside the dishes we ordered by pointing at the ingredients, we ordered the same dishes as the locals at the next table because they looked like they were really enjoying them. It was a kind of stir-fried vegetables, peanuts and something...seafood?

It tasted good, however we were not sure what we were eating!

Everything we ordered was nice. But some dishes had a strange taste because of a herb, which was an unfamiliar herb for Japanese. If you don't like a strange flavor from herbs, you might not really like Taiwanese dishes. However, I love it!
A restaurant owner(?) was a good Japanese speaker and he was very friendly.

Irish Pub
We stoped at an Irish Pub on the way back. The atmoshere of the Irish pub was pretty much the same around the world.

Of course, the taste of Guinness was also the same! By the way, we had been drinking alcohol all day so we all were drinking with a worry of a hungover....

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