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New Zealand/2006
Japan to NZ

Napier City
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Rotorua City

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NZ to Japan


Japan to New Zealand

My flight was on Air New Zealand departing from Kansai Airport, which is located on the west part of Japan. Now I am living in Morioka a part of the Tohoku district, north Japan. Narita Airport is the nearest international airport in Tokyo which has direct flights to New Zealand from Japan. But I selected to depart from Kansai Airport. Because I'd never been to Tokyo before and I was afraid of going to Tokyo alone! Just thinking about it made me so nervous! So I had to go to Sendai, which is located 200km west of my place, the day before my departure. And I had to fly to Osaka Airport from there and I moved to Kansai International Airport in the morning on that day. After moving to Kansai International Airport I was just exhausted!!

Kansai International Airport to Auckland Airport

Meal service on Air New Zealand
The first in-flight meal and second one. Both times I choose Japanese meals to energize my self for the long trip starting tomorrow. I thought that they would be the last Japanese meals for a while. I was sad to say goodbye!

In-flight entertainment service
Air New Zealand's In-flight system on Boeing777 in service between Osaka and Auckland began in June 2006. Boeing777 is not so big but each seat has a video screen and I could enjoy the movie "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy on the in-flight entertainment service. Because the total hours of the trilogy was more than 9 hours I couldn't sleep on the plane! It was a tough job, but someone had to do it. However I had done enough preparation for organizing my filming site tours.
"The Lord of the Rings" trilogy on the screen!

Auckland International Airport
I went through passport control and checked-in my baggage again at the domestic transfer counter. If you have more than one hour before departure you can check-in at this counter in the International terminal. If not, you have to move to the Domestic terminal with your baggage and check-in.

Follow blue and white line to Domestic Terminals
You can see this sign board as soon as you go out the terminal building. This was my 3rd time to visit Auckland Airport but I always used the free interterminal bus and I didn't need to use this sign board before. This time I had plenty of time before my departure for Napier, which was my first destination, and so I followed this sign board. This sign said "900m / 12min".
But if you have a suitcase on a luggage cart it might take more than that. Because the way along the blue and white line went across the crosswalk and there was a few steps. If you have already checked in your baggage walking between domestic and international is a better way than the interterminal bus.
These dirty blue and white lines were linking between terminal buildings. There were not enough people who are using these lines. If you were new at Auckland Airport you might get nervous along the way!
Auckland Domestic Terminal, it was quite small and an unspectacular building. But I heard that it would be changed to a new building in the near future.

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