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New Zealand/2006
Japan to NZ

Napier City
Sight Seeing tour
Art Deco tour
Wine tour

Wellington City
Te Papa Museum
Location tours
-Rover Rings tour
Wine tour

Picton City
Wine tour


Rotorua City

Mount Maunganui

Sky tower
Auckland City
Location tours
Wine tour
Kauri Forests tour

NZ to Japan



Auckland Airport
I saw the word "Church" on the sign. I followed the sign and found a room with a cross on the door as a church. I was really surprised. I wondered what were the people like who went to church at the airport?

A boarding area for the flight to Japan was crowded with Japanese. I felt like I was back to Japan. I wondered where so many Japanese tourists had been sightseeing in New Zealand!

After boarding an airplane to Japan, I finally felt relaxed. I was ready for the flight back to Japan. All that was now left was rest time as I waited to arrive at Kansai International Airport. I drank white wine like crazy on the flight!
When I first boarded Air New Zealand, the in-flight meal was served with metal cutlery. These days, it was served with plastic cutlery....I felt the meal become kind of tasteless....

I watched the movie "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy on the way back to Japan. This was the 3rd time to watch it on my trip. Whenever I watch the movie, I never get tired of it!

I joined 8 different location tours of the movie before and I visited lots of filming locations. However, there were still lots of locations, I hadn't visited yet. Most of these remaining locations were not easily accessible, for example, some locations were only accessible by helicopter!

I finally arrived back to Japan. I was really thankful that I could finish my trip and arrive home with no problem.
left, right:
Only Japanese would notice this mistake on the display! When I saw the display(left), I thought to myself which country "Na-ra" was located in. Only after we were close to the airport in Japan(right), I knew that "Na-ra" was "Nara", a prefecture in Japan! I wished that someday soon Japanese staff members would tell Air New Zealand about their mistake....

My first dinner when I got back from New Zealand
After I got to Japan safely, I was hungry. So I enjoyed delicious cuisine with my friends. However, my friend had to see my photos, all of 1000 pictures or more. It looked like a tough job!

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