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New Zealand/2006
Japan to NZ

Napier City
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NZ to Japan



Domestic flight to Napier
As soon as I arrived at Auckland Airport I connected with a domestic flight to Napier. Napier is located on the east coast, Hawks Bay and I heard that Napier is known as the art deco city. My flight to Napier was a propeller plane and I hadn't flown on such a small aircraft before. Even more surprising, there was no security check! In Japan, it is very strict even domestic flights and I always have to take my belt off when I go through the gate. Which is more common in the world? Japan security system I would think!
On either side of the aisle were rows of 2 seats and it looked like a 60 seater plane.

The view from a window
This plane flew at a lower altitude than a jumbo jet and I could see wonderful views from the window seat. It was very interesting for me because it was my first time to fly over the North Island in daytime. The scenery in the North Island looked quite different from the South Island.

Napier airport
After one hour flight from Auckland, I finally arrived in Napier, which was the first stop on my trip. The building of the airport was pretty small but it was clean and beautiful. It looked like a relatively new building.
As soon as the aircraft landed at the airport, a mechanic pushed a fuel cart to the plane and fitted it for refueling. And the pilot talked for a while with other staff, and it seemed to be an easygoing airport. As they talked...if there was something wrong with the ship!?
I've never seen a sight like this! He was carring lots of checked baggages without a cargo container....He only sometimes looked back to check for the baggages. It looked like there was no balance and what if they fell off?

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