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New Zealand/2006
Japan to NZ

Napier City
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Wellington City
Te Papa Museum
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Picton City
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Rotorua City

Mount Maunganui

Sky tower
Auckland City
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NZ to Japan



Wellington is located on the south coast of the North Island. I left Napier YHA at 8 a.m. and I checked into Wellington YHA at 10:15 a.m. I could get a discount air ticket because I'd booked far enough in advance. My flight from Napier to Wellington cost about NZ$109! If I come to Wellington from Napier by bus, it cost only about NZ$30. But it takes 5 and half hours to get there! I believe that travel by plane is the better way to go. But I'd never recommend it to someone who gets air sickness easily to travel this way....

Wellington City
I stayed at Wellington for 4 days but the weather was horrible every day. When I arrived there, it started to rain. And it had been rainy and windy during my stay! Additionally, it had been extremely cold for me! Unfortunately it wasn't the ultimate sightseeing weather....

I felt down because it was dark, rainy, windy and cold in the city. So I had a hot snack at a cafe to refresh my mind!

Wellington City YHA
Wellington YHA is located in the heart of the city, where lots of bars and restaurants are, and it's very convenient. It is also near the most popular attraction for tourists, Te Papa Museum. The staff on the travel desk and the reception were helpful, and worked with speed. I highly recommend this accommodation to other travelers.
The sight of my room when I just arrived there. Believe it or not, this is a female shared room!
She is Mina, Japanese girl, who stayed in the same room with me for two nights. She is a person with a great smile.
6th-floor hallway. Wellington YHA has over 300 beds and it is more like a hotel.

It has two large and clean kitchens. One kitchen was filled with bright natural light. The other one was decorated with flags of various nations and looked cute. I could stay at both places comfortably.

There were coin-operated drying machines and washing machines. I had never heard of this manufacturer before....
center, right:
What were these belts on the washing machine for? If I took them off the machines, they would come apart?

The view from the window of the laundry room. The big building in the left side was Te Papa Museum. It was very close.

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