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New Zealand/2006
Japan to NZ

Napier City
Sight Seeing tour
Art Deco tour
Wine tour

Wellington City
Te Papa Museum
Location tours
-Rover Rings tour
Wine tour

Picton City
Wine tour


Rotorua City

Mount Maunganui

Sky tower
Auckland City
Location tours
Wine tour
Kauri Forests tour

NZ to Japan



Rover Ring Tour
I joined a one day movie location tour in Wellington, which I had booked via the Internet in Japan. The region of Wellington was widely used in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. At first I had a booking on the 7th of November. But I changed the date of my booking to the 8th. Because it rained hard on the day before and I thought that it wasn't going to stop raining! Fortunately, it was a nice day on the 8th and I could enjoy it!

Because I saw the advertisement everywhere at my hostel, I started to get excited about the tour a few days before!
left, center:
A card key for my room had an advertisement of the Rover Ring Tour.
A poster on the signboard in the elevator!

Mount Victoria / Hobbiton Woods
Mount Victoria is about 200 meters above sea level. It was a well-known viewpoint which looks over the city. I got a wonderful panoramic view of Wellington and harbor from the top of Mount Victoria. It is worth a visit if it is a fine day!

Wellington Town Belt
Wellington Town Belt is a part of Mount Victoria. Lots of scenes were filmed there.

The Hobbits escaped from the vegetable farm and they tumbled down a hillside. It is right here! (More Images...)
I am playing the hobbit rolling down.

After rolling down, the Hobbits found mushrooms and they got excited. Only Frodo caught the feeling something awful was coming! (More Images...)
left, right:
I am playing Frodo and the others are playing Merry and Pippin, they were taking mushrooms!

Here is about the place where the Hobbits hide under big tree roots from the black rider. There were no big roots because all of them were fake! (More Images...)

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