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Prien am Chiemsee

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Germany to Japan



KD cruise lines
Koeln-Duesseldorfer (KD) and other riverboat cruise lines operate day cruises on the Rhine River.
KD has the largest number of cruises and during the high season(generally end April to early October), it has at least four cruises per day from Ruedesheim to Koblenz(Middle Rhine Valley), the most popular and touristy zone. The cruise is generally available during winter but it is very limited service. The high season is from the end of April to early October but regular cruises are generally available from late March to late October.

As you can see, the Rhine looked very cloudy. Taking a closer look at river edge, the water was clearer than I expected.

Surprisingly, a large number of people got on the boat at Bacharach. I wondered where so many people had been hiding in the tiny town, Bacharach!
The price of a single boat ticket from Bacharach to Koblenz is €22.40. The train fare is €8.6 and it is almost a third cheaper! In addition, the boat trip takes about 3 hours and it is 6 times.

The 1st floor had a restaurant and the 2nd floor was open deck with passenger seats.

Of course, I drank German beer. My friend orderd a big ice-cream sundae. She really loves ice-cream.

I bought a guidebook for the Rhine cruise at the KD ticket office near the boat pier in Bacharach. This is a Japanese-language version. On the boat, I listened to the audio guide about all the castles on the banks of the river Rhine but it was bad quality. I think that the guidebook gives you enough informations about the Rhine crise.

One of my most memorable things for me, was the hand dryer in the restroom! The machine was unbelievably powerful. My hands dried out in a split second and I was overtaken with laughter. Only a Dyson's product can do that!!

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