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Germany to Japan



Our accommodation fee didn't include breakfast so we went to a bakery nearby every morning. German bakeries have a wide choice of sandwiches from early in the morning and it is very convenient. It fitted well with people likes us who are sick of continental style breakfast.

After staying two nights in Koblenz, we got on a train and we headed for Baden-Baden. On the way to Baden-Baden, I enjoyed seeing the beautiful scenery along the railway track from the train's window.

She, on the other hand, had been holding this pose on her seat all the way through to Baden-Baden. She wasn't gaining something through zazen practice. Beyond doubt, it was just because she was sleeping! She was sleeping with her mouth open so actually I really wanted to upload such a picture. But I didn't do it because I have a gentle heart!!

"A moment of joy for their victory, as a young Japanese man dives head-first into the Dotonbori River in Osaka!"
I was amazed that the day after Japan's game a Germans newspaper published this report on the sports page about a young man in Osaka.
That night, the number of people who dove into the Dotonbori River to express a feeling of enjoyment were over 80.
For your information, it is a very common sight in Osaka for excited people jump into the Dotonbori River after their favorite team win. Above all, when the Hanshin Tigers, which is a Japanese proffessional baseball team based in Osaka, win the Japan Series, lots of excited fans dive into the river. When the Hanshin Tigers won the Japan Series in 2003, more than 5000 people jumped into the Dotonbori River! By the way, it is illegal to jump into the Dotonbori River so don't copy such a stupid thing!

From Koblenz to Baden-Baden, it took two and a half hours by train.

The German word "Baden" means "to bath" in English and Baden-Baden is literally well-known for its hot springs. In addition, there is a horse race track, a casino with a history dating back over 250 years, Europe's second largest opera house and a great theater. It is also known as a world-class health resort.

Here is the front of the Baden-Baden station. It's a beautiful station with a peaceful atmosphere.

It was my second visit to Baden-Baden.
The first time I had visited to the station in winder, cold rain had been falling with snow. I had thought that there was nothing around the station and it looked like a bleak place. But this time, everthing was very different. It looked nothing like the same place!

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