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Germany to Japan



Is a city in southwestern Germany and it is one of the oldest spa towns in Europe! Wiesbaden is well known for its wonderful baths and my incentive for visiting Wiesbaden was to take a hot spring bath.

Hotel am Kochbrunnen
It is just outside the center of the city and it is very convenient to visit the shopping area and tourist spots.

The hotel seemed to be a family run hotel so it wasn't a luxury hotel. However everywhere was always kept tidy and the staff members were extremely friendly and helpful. I really enjoyed my stay at this hotel.

My lunch was Italian cuisine and a German beer. The beer was "Bitburger". "Bitburger" is well-known in Europe and it is a VERY popular German beer. I lost count of how many times I drank this beer in Germany.

There are many hot springs in Wiesbaden and this fountain called "Kochbrunnen" is an outlet of the hot spring sources. It is possible to drink it for free if you are interested in a drinking treatment. However I heard that it tasted terrible so I didn't try it!!

There are lots of must-see tourist attractions in Wiesbaden so I wandered around the heart of town. However, it was too hot to walk around the town.

I entered a exhibition for Titanic because it was too hot outside. There is the world's largest collection about the Titanic and it was very interesting. But, "Why is the exhibition for the Titanic on NOW????"

"It's too hot!"
I realized that saying "it's hot" made me feel hot, but I couldn't stop saying it! I prefered having a cold beer than going sightseeing.

Right next door to my hotel is a Syrian restaurant serving excellent food. I would recommend you go there without hesitation.

I drank a German beer, "Kirner Bier". I probably drank it for the first time.

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