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Germany to Japan



In the early-evening, we finally arrived at the Koblenz. It is situated at the confluence of the Moselle and Rhine rivers, and is known as a starting point for excursion cruises.

Koblenz main station. Most tourist spots are in the old town but the station is around 1.5km away from the old town center. It is very inconvenient. If you stay in the old town or stay nearby the station, in both caces, you'll have a lot of trouble to go back and forth.

Ibis Hotel Koblenz
We stayed a budget hotel near the station. We didn't want to walk with our suitcases for a long distance so we chose that hotel.
2 nights per room 141 euro/17,343 yen
currency exchange rates(2010/6/26) 1 euro = 113 yen

The old town has some lovely and quite colorful buildings.

Thai restaurant
Although it had been only a few days since we left Japan, we had a craving for Asian food. Walking through the streets of Koblenz, we got lost and wandered around the maze-like old town. After an hour walking we managed to find the Thai restaurant which we had researched beforehand!

We made it!

"Koenigsbacher" is a local beer around in Koblenz.

We were dying for something spicy. Thai curry! Just what the doctor ordered.

With a feeling of fulfillment from a wonderful dinner, we strolled around the old town and headed for our hotel.

There were lots of outside tables along the streets and people were drinking beer while watching TV. Suddenly, we noticed that the Japanese national team were playing the game a World Cup game! We jumped in a taxi and rushed back to our hotel!!

I never expected what happened next.... Who could have guessed, the Japanese team won! It even surprised he Japanese people! Maybe, the Germans never imagined that would happen either. Have a look at this weekly TV magazine. As you can see, the article about the Japanese team is very minimal. Please compare it with the feature article on the other pages for some of the world's stronger teams.

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