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Bamberg to Rudesheim
On the morning of July 11th, I moved to my 9th stop, Rudesheim. It takes 5 hours from Bamberg to Rudesheim by train. But, this summer, the temperature in Germany was unusually hot so it caused various problems on the DB(German railway).
On the day which, I headed to Rudesheim, most of the trains were delayed and the train which I got on had trouble with its air-conditioning facilities. The air conditioner didn't work at all and we were compensated a bottle of water by DB. But, the train was like a sauna and it made me sweat a lot!

Rudesheim is a small beautiful town along the Rhine river and it is 1 hour on a local train from Frankfurt. It is a popular stop for tourists.

Hajos Hotel Germania
The railway and the river run parallel to each other and border the town of Rudesheim on one side.
Reasonably priced accommodation line the railway track, facing the river and my hotel "Hajos Hotel Germania" was one of these.

"Hajos Hotel Germania" is a small cozy hotel. Hotel staff were friendly and the room was clean and spacious. It was close to the station and all tourist attractions. I really liked it! However, the railway tracks are only a few meters from the hotel so it was a little bit noisy. If you are sensitive to noise, I recommend that you don't choose accommodation which stand along the road, nearby the river.

Drosselgasse is the most famous street in Rudesheim. It is 144 meters long and only 3 meters wide, so it is a very narrow street. There are lots of restaurants, wine shops and souvenir shops on either side and it is full of people all day!

Some people say that it is a tourist attraction and others feel that it is more of a tourist-trap.
I agree a little with both opinions. The street is filled with many interesting goods and it is a nice place to take a look at the wonderful wooden facades of the buildings. If you are a tourist, I recommend you visit there!

Ruedesheim is a wine making town in Germany and the main reason for tourists visiting there is its great wine. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy wine!
Unfortunately, it seemed that there wasn't any local beer brewery in Ruedesheim. However, you can drink "Krombacher" at a local restaurant. "Krombacher" isn't a local beer in Ruedesheim but it has been one of my beer curiosities which I had always wanted to try.
Krombacher Brewery is one of the largest privately owned breweries in Germany and it ranks number 2 among Germany's best selling breweries!

I bought a gelato at an Italian ice cream shop.
I don't like any sweet things and it was for the first time to eat it in years. It just happened and I didn't want to eat the ice cream. The store staff were very friendly, cheerful, pleasant but convincing so I bought the gelato in spite of myself. I was supposed to buy just a bottle of water.
As I expected, sweet stuff made me more thirsty....

It had become warmer day by day since I came to Germany and I had been knocked out by the heat.
Have a look this weather forecast! According to it, all over Germany was under high pressure and the highest temperature the following day would be 37 degrees!
I was fully beaten by the German summer heat at the mere mention of the information!!

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