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Tuebingen to Stuttgart
On the final day of traveling along with my friend, we moved to Stuttgart from Tuebingen by RE train (regional train). Many trains run the direct route between Stuttgart-Tuebingen hourly. The train travels the distance in about an hour.
Stuttgart is the sixth-largest city in Germany and it is one of the leading industrial cities in Germany. Many global companies, like Daimler-Benza and Porsche, have their head office buildings located in Stuttgart.
The station's building has a Mercedes-Benz's emblem on its roof top and it is easy to notice.

Koenigsstrasse (King's Street), stretching from the DB train station, is the main shopping and business street in Stuttgart.

Along this long street, there are department stores, special shops and cafes.

Take a stroll down the street, you'll arrive at Schlossplatz.

Schlossplatz is the heart of Stuttgart and it is in front of Neues Schloss (New Castle). There is a huge park with two wonderful fountains.
In the middle of the park, there is a beautiful column of the jubilee, which is a monument erected for the 25th anniversary of the accession of King Wilhelm I.
The park looks like a great place to relax, but only when the climate is mild and comfortable, like in the spring and autumn. Though it was extremely hot when we visited there, there were lots of people having a rest in the strong sunlight. Some people were lying on their backs to soak up the sun!
During traveling abroad, I usually face many things I never understand. People in foreign countries love to get a suntan although they easily get a painful sunburn. It is one of the wonders beyond my mind!!

Of course, we Japanese never went away from under the roof of the pagoda and we spent all our time in the shade with a cold beer.

"Gtuttgarter Hofbrau" is a local brewery in Stuttgart and it produces several types of German beer.

My friend always saved room for ice cream and I had room for beer!

I ordered "Weihenstephan" for my second beer. Unexpectedly, it isn't a local beer from around Stuttgart. "Brauerei Weihenstephan" is a brewery in Freisig, which is a district in Bavaria and it is located north of Munich. The brewery dates back to the 1040 and it claims to be the oldest existing brewery in the world.

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