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On the following day, I headed to Kulmbach. It is a well known town for its delicious local beer and its sausages. Kulmbach is located near Bamberg and it takes 45 minutes by local train.
It was one of my reasons for staying at Bamberg!

The town center is 10 minutes walk away from the station and it is located at the bottom of the hill which Plassenburg Castle is standing on. You can see the castle from the train platform, so I recommend you use it as a landmark to check your bearing before leaving the station.

Following the road with your back to the station and turn left at the end of the T-junction and go along the road. Soon, you will arrive at the local shopping street, Langgasse. Langgasse is pedestrianised street leading to the main square in Kulmbach.

It seemed that some kind of event would be held in Kulmbach that night. Lots of breweries flags were displayed hanging high above the Langgasse and it was an amazing sight for beer lovers like me!!

Maybe, they were all Kulmbach's breweries. Kulmbach is known for having more than 20 varieties of beer made by the Eku, Kulmbach, EKu, Moenchshof, Kapuziner and Sandler breweries. Today, the breweries are united as the Kulmbacher Brewery.

As usual in German towns, a market square which is called Marktplatz is in the heart of the town.

The White Tower. It is a part of the town wall which dates back to the early 14th century. There are lots of medieval buildings all around the town.
The Rathaus (town hall) with its a unique Rococo facade is the most important building there. It was built in 1752 and it is very old. But it is still really picturesque and it attracts tourists from everywhere.

Kulmbach's tourist information office doesn't face the Marktplatz. It is located several minutes walk away from the Rathaus (town hall), so it may be hard to find.

Just for your information, I'll show you a town map which I got at the tourist information office.

This is a booklet which introduces Kulmbach. You can get it at the tourist information office. The catch phrase for the booklet is "Kulmbach-the secret capital of beer". The catch phrase for the Bamberg's booklet is "10 good reasons for Bamberg. Again and again".
Which beer town sounds better????

After getting a town map at the office, I had lunch at a local restaurant. Kulmbach is not as well-known as other German cities and I didn't have much information about restaurants there in Kulmbach. So I chose a restaurant at random from the many local restaurants.

Luckily, the beer and food were both great.

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