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Frankfurt International Airport / Germany to Japan
You can check-in for your flight at an automated check-in system, or more like you HAVE TO do it if you are economy-class passenger.
Check-in counters with staff are only for business-class passengers.
Apparently, the automated check-in system is useful to native German speakers and English speakers, but to me and most other Japanese people, that makes us so nervous!
If you use this kind of check-in system, I really recommend that you get there in plenty of time.

There is a small casino at the airport. If you have lots of free time or you have a lot of small change left from your trip, you can kill time there.
Without a doubt, you will go back to Japan lighter.

I drank beer while I was waiting for my departure, same as usual. It was my final German beer during my trip. Goodbye, wonderful German beer!

The aircraft to Japan was Airbus A380-800. The A380-800 is a double-decker Airbus jet and the largest passenger airliner in the world! I purposely chose this fright because I was very interested in the latest super-jumbo plane.

Airbus A380-800 is a new type of jet and in 2007, the A380-800 introduced the route from Singapore to Sydney with Singapore Airlines.
A380-800 is still new to passengers. As soon as boarding our flight, lots of people, including me, started to take photos. It looked like a photo session.

My last German beer during my trip was "Warfteomer". Unfortunately, "Warfteomer" is a relatively common German beer at a liquor shop in Japan. I drank a wide variety of German beers during my German trip.
By the way, there are more than 1300 breweries in Germany and there are even more than 5000 beer brands!
I am not even halfway through and I have a long way to go!

I purchased lots of things. Above all, my favorite one is this carved wooden figure. The lion figure is wearing a German native costume and smokes a pipe with a look of innocence. And it stands with a full mug of beer and a Pretzel(German bread) in its hands. It embodys everything that I had actually experienced during my trip!!

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