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Berchtesgaden to Bamberg
I stayed at Berchtesgaden for 3 nights and then I moved to Bamberg. It was my second visit to Bamberg.
Bamberg is my most favorite German city!

The weather had been bad during my staying in Berchtesgaden. By contrast , the weather in Bamberg was wonderful!

Hotel Alt Bamberg
Is a small budget hotel in the old town center. It is a 20 minute walk from the Bamberg train station, however it is easily accessible for shopping and tourist spots.

There is a parking place for bicycles on the 2nd floor so it looked as if the hotel was popular with cyclists.

First, I headed to the tourist information office.
I got a free city map and a booklet called "Brewery Trail". The booklet isn't for free and it costs 1.5 euro. But, it's well worth it if you are interested in Bamberg beer!

The booklet introduces 10 popular Bamberg beers. The catch phrase for the booklet is "10 good reasons for Bamberg. Again and again".
That correctly states why I love Bamberg and I visited there again. If you love beer, you should visit Bamberg at least once in your life!

Restaurant "Schlenkerla"
First, I headed to one of the 10 popular breweries, "Schlenkerla".
It was my second visit there.

Bamberg is one of the few cities in Germany that wasn't destroyed by World War II. The old town of Bamberg is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its authentic medieval appearance, so there are lots of tourist spots in Bamberg.
However there is another thing why tourists are attracted to Bamberg. It is the local beer called "Rauchbier ".

"Rauchbier" has a distinctive taste and unique strong aroma, like smoked ham and beer together. Therefore "Rauchbier" is a love-it-or-hate-it beer and you're told that it depends totally on your taste.

"Schlenkerla" is one of the most famous breweries for its "Rauchbier". As I expected, the "Rauchbier" was great. I really love "Rauchbier"!

There were lots of German football supporters on their way to the open air screening. Germany would play that night!

I watched the game on TV in my room because I was nervous about the supporters' frantic mood.
In the end, Germany missed a chance achieve world championship.
The moment that the game was over with the final whistle, I heard big tragic screams coming from outside my window!
I was glad that I hadn't visited the open air site. It turned out there was a big fuss all over the town!

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