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Koeln to Bonn
Again, we stopped over at Bonn for sightseeing and it was just 20 minutes by train from Koeln! Bonn is located about 25km south of Koeln on the river Rhine. It was the capital of West Germany from 1949 to 1990. The local beer in Bonn is called "Boennsch" and "Boennsch" was the only thing that I was particularly interested in.

This is one of the Bonn's landmarks, Beethoven's statue. The Beethoven monument was unveiled in 1845 in honor of Beethoven's 75th birthday. Tha statue itself is on a big monument, and to be honest, I couldn't see it well from the ground. It was too far to see it.

Bonn's city center is characterised by the pedestrianized zone and I think it make the city center an attractive place. There are numerous pubs, breweries and restaurants along the streets. You can enjoy shopping without the constant car traffic and enjoy talking with your friends at outside tables without car noise.

The city hall in the Marktplatz is perhaps the most famous building in Bonn. I heard that it is a barococo building and it is a tourist attractions in Bonn. However the building was hidden by an enormous board and we couldn't see the famous city hall. The huge board had a picture of a football field with supporters packed into the stadium! I knew that the sight was exceptionally unusual, but I wanted to glance at the famous tourist attraction behind it because I came there all the way from Japan!

Our next stop was a Beethoven-Haus. In the hot summer sun, we headed to the Beethoven-Haus with a city map. In addition, there was not a cloud in the sky and it made me extremely tired. Honesty, at this point I was losing interest in Beethoven-Haus!

Is the most popular tourist attractions in Bonn. However, the appearance is extremely common in Bonn and I think it's hard to find it. The only landmark is the picture on the outside of a building, on the side opposite to Beethoven-House. Beethoven-Haus was Beethoven's birthplace. His actual house, is at the back of this pink building and there is the room he was born in.

The original house is now a museum about Beethoven's life, and the gray-beige building is the entrance for the museum.

Brauhaus Boennsch
Is a very famous beer pub and as its name suggests it serves home-brewed "Boennsch".

"Boennsch" is in the style of Koelsch beer but it is unfiltered. It was a light beer with a fruity taste and I thought it was easy to drink.
By the way, I had heard that this pub serves "Boennsch" with a unique shaped glass(see above picture) . But we were served "Boennsch" with just normal beer jugs and people around us were also drinking beer with similar jugs. I was really disappointed. It is improbable that the beer we drank was "Boennsch".... I have to visit there again to make sure!

We left an important question about beer hanging and we got on a train bound for Koblenz, the day's final destination.

The train from Bonn to Koblenz runs along the right side of the Rhein and when you take a train, I recommend you to sit on the left side of the aisle in the direction of travel.

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