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- Bacharach
- Sightseeing Cruise




- Noerdlingen

Prien am Chiemsee

- kehlsteinhaus
- Koenigssee

- Kulmbach




Germany to Japan



View from our hotel.
As you can see, the waterfront is close to our hotel and it is located in the forest. The place is a breeding ground for mosquitoes!

The same dining room for dinner is used for breakfast. The breakfast was a very nice but mosquitoes were too active in the morning, so I was too irritated to enjoy meals.
I carried insect repellent as well as an anti-itch medicine but I always forgot to apply it. So, I was always one step behind and I always had to use the anti-itch medicine!

After quickly eating my breakfast while being attacked by mosquitoes, I headed to my next destination.

My next destination was Berchtesgaden.
Berchtesgaden is a small German town and it is situated 20km south of Salzburg and 180km southeast of Munich. It is located in a German mountainous region, near the border with Austria.

Is famous for its tourist attractions; a beautiful lake "Koenigssee" and a big salt mine, etc.
The most famous tourist spot is the "Kehlsteinhaus (the Eagle's Nest)", which was given to Adolf Hitler as a birthday present for his 50th birthday.

A bus terminal in front of the station.

Hotel Wittelsbach
Is a traditional hotel which is just a few steps outside of the center of town but it is far away from the station.
You have to go up a long slope because the town center is located on the hill, and it probably takes 20 minutes if you walk with your big suitcase.
Of course, I took a taxi from the station. But the taxi fare is really expensive!

Hotel Wittelsbach is a 3-star hotel. Wonderful views of mountains from its higher-priced rooms are its main feature. However I stayed in a cheaper single room, so there was only a stone wall right out of the window!
Many types of accommodations in Berchtesgaden offer a free unlimited bus card to their guests. By showing your card to the bus driver, you will get on all local buses for the duration of your stay.

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