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Zurich to Japan



On the last day of my stay in Zermatt, it'd been raining lightly on and off since early morning.
There was nothing to be done about the bad weather so for the time being, I headed to the top of the mountain while praying for the weather to be better.

Unfortunately the mountain peaks were totally covered with heavy clouds and it was very windy, and looking out the cabin window, it seemed to me that a storm was brewing. I gave up on going to the top of the mountain and I got off the cable car at the intermediate station, Schwarzsee(2520m). Schwarzsee(2520m) was popular as a starting point for all levels of hikers but it was also in the clouds which hung low....

Since I didn't want to go missing in the clouds or be killed in a mountain accident, I resigned myself to taking a cable car down to Furi(1867m).
Furi was the first cable car station from Zermatt and it was at a low altitude, and it was below the clouds.
It was also raining there, however it looked like there was no chance of me getting lost in the clouds, so I started to hike from Furi station. My destination was a small hamlet, Zmutt.

Zmutt was on the opposite side of the valley from Furi. It was just below the clouds and I didn't need an umbrella while walking.

I got to Zmutt in safety!
I drank beer at a small restaurant and I met a German there. We talked about how wonderful German beer was and we agreed that German beer was the world's most delicious!

At last the rain stopped and the blue sky was showing so I headed to another small hamlet "Zum See" on my way back to Zermatt.
As you can see, Zum See is located just below Furi station and it's a 15-minute downhill walk from the station.
You can also access Zum See within a 40-minute walk from the bottm of the mountains. This was the route I tried. Of course, "40-minute walk" was specific to people who have long legs and lots of energy!

I ventured to walk uphill from the bottom for exercise but as you might guess...I was totally overwhelmed by the long uphill trail.
Zum See is a popular place to have lunch for tourists and there was a wonderful restaurant.
I met a Hollander there and we talked about how great Holland beer "Heineken" was. This time, I said "Heineken was the world's most delicious beer!".
I have a smile for everybody and I'm ashamed of myself....

By the way, the world's most delicious beer is Japanese beer "The premium Malt's". That much is true!!!

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