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Zurich to Japan



An early morning, the view of the Matterhorn from the town was as beautiful as yesterday. Of course I had a reason to get up!

Since the weather was nice, everybody got up with the sun and was off to an early start. The town was already lively with hikers!

First, I headed to Blauherd where I'd had a hell of a time going up yesterday. Today I used the funicular connecting the town and Sunnegga Paradise and the aerial ropeway connecting Sunnegga Paradise and Blauherd.
It was easy an 18-minute ride. It was hard to believe that I'd had so much trouble in walking up yesterday!!

I headed to Stellisee from Blauherd station. It said on the hiking trail signs that there were two different ways to Stellisee.
The one sign said "It takes about 15-minutes" and the other said "It takes about 1hour and 15 minutes".
The longer trail winds up the side of the hill and then goes down to the lake, so you can enjoy a wonderful view from there while walking on the trail.
Of course I chose the short one! I'd had an exhausting experience yesterday and I never wanted to do that again....

For your information, the promotional statement "15 min" wasn't correct. It must be specific to people who have long legs!

My destination, Stellisee, is well-known for its lovely reflection of the Matterhorn in the lake and one of the most photogenic places to capture the Matterhorn.
I got up early since I wanted to see it!
If you want to see the lovely reflection, you have to go there early in the morning. I hear that there is very little wind at an early hour. In fact, I stayed there for about 30 minutes and in the meantime it got windy and the surface of the water started rippling....

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