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Zurich to Japan



After spending 6 nights in Zermatt, I left Zermatt and headed to St.Moritz. The most well-known way to move between St.Moritz and Zermatt via Visp and Chur is the Glacier Express.
The Glacier Express is an express train connecting the two major towns, St.Moritz and Zermatt and it is famous as a scenic Swiss rail journey.

Although it is called "Glacier Express", the train is not an express train in the literal sense of the word. In fact, the trip on the Glacier Express between St.Moritz and Zermatt is a 7.5 hr railway journey and it takes about 8 1/4 hours by local train servicing the same route.
However, during travel periods it's a very popular train which always tends to fill up quickly. One of the reasons for its popularity is the train's massive panorama roofs and windows.

Though, I didn't take the Glacier Express.
The reason was because...imagine you are sitting in the hot summer sun for 7 and a half hours! Even if I enjoyed the wonderful view from the window, I'd hate to put on a jacket, and wear a hat and sunscreen to protect my skin from suntan just to get from here to there.
I wouldn't do such a thing for anything! So, I took a normal express train via Bern and Zurich, and I headed to St.Moritz in comfort.

The most scenic part of the Glacier Express route is between Chur and St.Moritz. When you head to St.Moritz from the direction of Zurich, you'll pass through the same route between Chur and St.Moritz and you can enjoy a 2-hour railway journey with a wonderful view from the window!
For this reason, you don't have to travel by the Glacier Express while you are putting up with a 7.5hrs railway journey in the hot summer sun.
Of ourse, if you love getting a suntan like overseas people, I recommend the Glacier Express.

I arrived at St.Moritz station.
For your information, the trip on the Glacier Express between St.Moritz and Zermatt is about the same time as that of many local express trains servicing via Bern and Zurich.

St.Moritz-Dolf is located in the central part of St.Moritz. It is situated on the hill and it's probably a little bit of a pain if you walk there from the station with your big suitcase.

If you have no trouble going to St.Moritz-Dolf, I recommend that you follow this signboard with the escalator symbol on it. You can use the escalator of the underground parking lot.

When you take the escalator to the ground floor, you can easily get to the shopping street in St.Moritz-Dolf.

In the evening, I finally arrived at Hotel Hauser which was in the very heart of St.Moritz-Dolf. Moreover, the hotel offered delicious homemade confectionary products and homemade breads, and it had a nice restaurant. I recommend this hotel.

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