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Zurich to Japan



Day 3 in St.Moritz, the weather was fine.
I headed to Muottas Muragl, which was one of the popular sightseeing spots to see typical alpine scenery.

First, I headed to Punt Muragl(1738m) by bus. As mentioned previously, the bus fare was for free!

I transfered to the funicular at Punt Muragl and I reached Muottas Muragl(2456m). The funicular began operating in 1907 and it has over 100 years of history. It still carries many tourists to Muottas Muragl in just 10 minutes.

There was a nice hotel next to the station at Muottas Muragl and the terrace of the hotel was a popular place to see a spectacular mountain view.

When I visited there, there were lots of elderly Japanese tourists. Probably, Muottas Muragl was easily accessible by bus and funicular, so it looked like it was especially popular among elderly people.

Just for your information, I heard that having dinner during the sunset was very popular but the dinner at the restaurant is very expensice!

By the way, this is Muottas Muragl in wintertime. It looks like an inaccessible island from a mystery novel by Agatha Christie. I have a feeling that something mysterious is going to happen....

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