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Zurich to Japan



The last day of my stay in St.Moritz, the whole town was wrapped in a dense fog as if the clouds dipped to ground level.
I had intended to visiting Piz Nair(3056m), which was another famous viewing platform in St.Moritz, early in the morning. But the mountains were also enveloped in the fog and of course I couldn't see the mountain peaks at all.

Thinking it was probably useless, I took a chance anyway and asked a hotel reception staff about the weather of the summit. She was kind enough to check the live camera set up at the summit.
She said, "It's really great. It's very sunny in the upper area."

She was quite right. The whole town was in a dense fog, however as I went up the mountain by funicular, it became easier to see!

"Look! There are many marmots on the slope!"

On the way from St.Moritz to Corviglia, I found that lots of marmots were outside of their dens. The flock of the marmots was enough to chance my mind. I changed my plan to visit the famous viewing platform "Piz Nair" and instead I got off at funicular station "Corviglia", one stop before Piz Nair. I really love marmots!

By the way, I found something attractive for people who love animals. There were lots of marmots on the slope between Corviglia station and Chantarella station and they were in a bustle, especially when there were few hikers like early in the morning. No information boards made any mention of this fact!

I was all set to see the marmots!
I started hiking down from Corviglia funicular station to St.Moritz.

Soon after I started walking, I came upon the marmots! It was my first time seeing a marmot so near me and I had never come so close to a marmot before. They were not even 4m from me!

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