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Zurich to Japan



On the 2nd day of my stay in Zermatt, it rained all day.
The rain was so hard and the temperature dropped to only 8 degrees. It was hardly a suitable day for hiking.
But I didn't feel rushed at all because I was a very accomplished traveler in Zermatt! The best way to kill time on rainy days is drinking beer at a restaurant.

I visited the restaurant at which I'd eaten a Japanese style curry last year. The advertising display for Japanese tourists in front of the shop was even more elaborate than before. It seemed the restaurant was doing really well....

A frugal dinner.
A takeaway sausage from the sausage stand, canned beer and a packed salad from the co-op supermarket.
The co-op supermarket abroad is a must for a light eater who is sick of a mountain of food, like me.

Incidentally, I don't have room for something like dessert but there's always room for beer. So, maybe I'm not an exactly light eater....

I went to bed earlier than usual.
When the weather is bad abroad, I always go to bed early. It is the best way to pass the time.

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