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Zurich to Japan



On the 2nd day after arriving in Switzerland, I moved to Zermatt by way of Bern and Visp.
It was the same route as I'd taken last year. Of course, I changed trains like a pro. I actually felt like a expert once again!

I stayed at the same hotel which I'd stayed at last year. The journey from Zermatt station to the hotel was also perfect. I was a very savvy traveler, ha-ha!

Since it was well past noon, I didn't go hiking in the mountains and I had a sausage for lunch.
A sausage stand was in front of the locat meat shop nearly every day and it looked very popular. The stand always smelled good and it had been on my mind since my last stay.
The pork sausage tasted good with its light flavor, and the beef one was very rich and tasted good. I really recommend that stand for a good light meal.

After eating the sausage, I watched people out in the street with a cold beer.
It is the best way to kill time in Zermatt when you're not hiking. It's no mistake. There was nothing but beautiful mountains, restaurants and hotels....

I killed time by watching the tourists walking around and looking at the sights, and I went back to my hotel.
Once again my dinner was a canned beer and a bagel sandwich, and a packed salada from a co-op supermarket.

It was a lazy day even if I do say so myself.

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