Japan to Zurich

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 Zum See

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 Muottas Muragl
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 Bernina Hospiz
 Sassal Masson
 Alp Grum
 Lake of Staz
- Day 05
 Furcola Surlej
 Roseg Valley
- Day 06


Zurich to Japan



After spending 5 nights in St.Moritz, I moved to my final destination, Zurich as scheduled.

Zurich is a beautiful town at the northwestern shore of Lake Zurich and there are a lot of various tourist attractions.
Many people from around the world visit Zurich for sightseeing and of course there are many Japanese tourists. Additionally, both sides of the streets are lined with shops and restaurants and Zurich suits people who love the hustle and bustle of a big city.
However I was not very interested in shopping and sightseeing, so Zurich was not very attractive for me.... The only thing I could do there was drink beer, but it didn't taste half as good as the beer in the mountains!

I wandered aimlessly around the shopping district, and in the end I finished off my day by having dinner near my accommodation.
Since I had spent most of my days hiking in the mountains during the past 12 days, I really felt like something was missing....

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